About Us

Natura Pest Control

Our Mission

We simplify the lives of our customers by being the easiest and most complete home service to work with, ever. This means that we:

  • Effectively control pest populations while applying the smallest environmental footprint possible through our Natura Organic Blend Service
  • Have simple and convenient customer service options
  • Keep you in control of your schedule by offering the Natura Unlimited Service Plan, an industry game changer

We hire amazing people and train to be the best service experts in the area, both as pest control applicators and customer service representatives.

We use the best products on the market, including products that are 100% organic on the interior. Each time we service the inside of your home we are using clean, green, 100% organic products. This means you never have to leave your home.*


We had an "aha" moment when we started our Nevada office. We realized that being amazing at pest control is only the foundation of who we wanted to be. We also wanted to create a unique customer-centric experience. Since then, our mission has been to provide amazing pest control service while keeping the environmental impact as small as possible. While we accept that we are not perfect, we can say without hesitation that our quest is to provide our customers with the simplest, cleanest, and most effective pest control service possible.

We now have branches in Reno, Nevada; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

*There are certain services that may require us to use traditional (non organic) products in your home like a roach or flea service.