Ants Pest Control in Nevada & Oklahoma

Natura Pest Control

Whether they are underground, in your walls, or in your home, Natura Pest Control exterminators know how to treat any kind of infestation.

Ant colonies can number up to the millions, and up to 98% of the colony lives and reproduces underground. They are practically blind so when worker ants are foraging for food they leave trails that only ants can detect, though smell (known as a pheromone trail). These trails are used to help the others navigate their way to food sources and back to the colony. Because of their bad eyesight they like to use electrical wires and pipes in the walls of your home as a highway to get around your home, that’s why ants are often found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Fun Facts

  • They can can lift 20 times their body weight!
  • There are over 12,000 species of them and they can be found on every single continent in the world!

What We Do

Our professional exterminators will treat your home using baits. This bait is odorless and is mixed with a material that the ants mistake for food. Ants then take the bait back as food and share it with the colony. Because 98% of the colony is underground this is the most effective way to get the ants at the source.

Another product we use to treat infestation is an odorless liquid. Our exterminators use this product to target active ant trails. The ants can’t detect the product so they continue to walk over it. This product will then stick to the ants causing a “Domino Effect”. What that means is as ants communicate with other ants, by bumping their antenna together, our product is passed from ant to ant.

At Natura Pest Control our exterminators are trained to know the behavior patterns of ants so we can proactively protect your home in Reno, NV, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK. Whether they are underground, in your walls, or in your home, we know how to treat them.