Bees & Wasps Pest Control in Nevada & Oklahoma

Natura Pest Control

If you believe you have a swarm of bees call Natura Pest Control exterminators immediately. A swarm is a cluster of bees usually hanging on a branch or other object. These clusters will move on, but that new location may be in your walls.

Bee and Wasp removal services are very specialized, and almost every situation is different. Every effort should be made to protect bees from unintended exposure to pesticides.

Honeybees, wasps and other pollinators are vital to our economy and food supply. Honeybees in particular, have been struggling as we all know. Please make it a point to call our professional exterminators when dealing with bees and wasps.

Bee Control

We specialize in removing honey bees from places where people do not want them, and keeping bees from re-entering areas that were previously occupied by other bees. After a beehive has been removed it is necessary to properly treat the odors left by the hive, as well as remove the honey and comb. If the hive odors are not properly masked, bees will return to former hive locations, and establish a new hive. If the honeycomb, and hive remnants are not properly removed, it can cause mold, mildew, and attract other insects and rodents.

How To Keep Bees Out

Itís nearly impossible to keep bees away without destroying their main hive. Also, if you have a large garden, worker bees will always be savaging for pollen.

Professional Extermination Method

Our trained exterminators have a number of products at their disposal to rid your property of itís bee colony, and in many cases the ability to remove the beehive from your property. Since bee problems vary so greatly all of this would have to be determined on inspection.

Wasp Control

Wasps are beneficial insects, although they are generally considered to be pests because of their ability to sting. Wasps can become a problem in mid summer and fall when they may disrupt many outdoor activities.

Wasps have a slender body with a narrow waist, slender, cylindrical legs, and appear smoothed-skinned and shiny. Yellow jackets, baldfaced hornets, and paper wasps are the most common types of wasps encountered by people.

How To Keep Wasps Out

Preventative measures can be taken to keep Wasps out:

  • Keep foods, including pet food, covered or indoors
  • Cover soda cans outdoors so wasps donít crawl in
  • Keep garbage in sealed cans and empty regularly
  • Pick up and dispose of ripe fruit

Professional Extermination Method

Since wasps often nest in hard to reach areas our trained exterminators use prescribed treatments in local areas and remove nests in hard to reach places. This treatment does not require any additional preparations on the customerís part.

Call The Specialists

At Natura Pest Control, we are more than happy to help you with your bee and other stinging insect services. Bee and Wasp removal services are very specialized, and almost every situation is different. Please call us if you have questions on controlling or removing bees or wasps and schedule a visit of our exterminators in Reno, NV, Oklahoma City or Tulsa, OK.